Development is a process, a journey that managers and high potentials embark on. At Profil M, we design learning journeys from short trips to world tours. We support participants in developing the best manager they can be. To this end, we offer opportunities for learning and reflection and create new perspectives. Each individual participant is responsible for his/her own development. This is the only way to achieve sustainable development and genuine leadership quality. For this reason, we design Learning Journeys together with you in such a way that they are attractive, activating and easy to integrate into your participants’ daily work.

Our digital tools are therefore designed to optimally support flexible, individual and efficient learning processes. They are the practical basis for attractive, continuous learning processes with numerous, flexibly usable learning units. Participants are motivated to learn on their own initiative and according to their personal goals and current needs, to inform themselves, to practice in the virtual classroom, to accept challenges or to seek exchange with colleagues or a coach – personally or remotely.

Blended Learning

With the Profil M Academy we offer you an online learning platform…

Self-Managed Learning

The Profil-M-Learner cockpit begins where classic…

Virtual Classroom

In virtual classroom trainings, Profil M offers you intensive…

KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG
Conception and implementation of individual assessment centres for filling demanding management positions
itelligence AG
Conception and implementation of modular leadership trainings as well as trainings on conflict management and interview techniques
tesa AG
Design and global implementation of competency reviews to analyzeindividual strengths and development areas of talents
SEG Automotive Germany GmbH
Design and delivery of global training measures as part of theinternational talent programs, including preparation and support of ablended learning concept to accompany the learning process
cerascreen GmbH Ltd.
Design and delivery of different training courses on topics such as communication & presentation, stress management & resilience, creative techniques and time management for employees and managers with German and international participants. Conducted in presence and remote.
KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG
Development and delivery of training programs and video nuggets for allmanagers in line with the Knipex competence model
LANXESS Deutschland GmbH
12-month learning journey for corporate talents that uses a DC, self-directed blended learning elements and digital tools such as AC-Suite and Profil M Academy to support participants’ self-reflection, international networking and career orientation, as well as providing guidance on strengths and areas for development.
Leadership-Training for internal Talents