CO2-neutral since 2006

Profil M is very conscious of its obligation to society to carry out our business with awareness for society and the environment, and we regularly promote projects in these fields. In cooperation with the climate conservation association, PRIMAKLIMA, Profil M has been sponsoring the reforestation of woodland areas in Germany and other countries. These forests remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than Profil M emits – according to our current CO2 production levels. Therefore, as a company we have surpassed zero-emission standards. At Profil M, sustainability is an important criterion for selecting materials and technical equipment as well as our source of electricity.

Our basic principles for long-term mutual success are fair compensation for our employees and fair opportunities for interns. For these reasons, we also support the “Fair Company” initiative. Fairness in payment and fair treatment of all employees are the prerequisites for trusting relationships within our team, which are essential for the quality and success of our projects. Ever since we first participated in the “Great Place to Work” benchmark study in 2012, Profil M has continuously received awards as one of “Germany’s Best Employers” – a result that we’re particularly proud of.

Protecting the environment is more important than ever – and it is of genuine concern to Profil M. In 2017, we therefore decided to double Profil M’s investment in climate protection. For this special initiative we have selected a reforestation project in Bolivia, which is particularly sustainable and effective.

The climate protection organization PrimaKlima is realizing the reforestation in Cochabamba and by involving the local population, PRIMAKLIMA also makes a contribution to sustainably fighting poverty in this area. By doubling our investment we want to set an example and ensure that – in addition to our regular commitment to reforestation projects – an average of 28.4 tons of CO² will be absorbed per year on another 47,000 sqm of land.

The climate protection organization PrimaKlima is realizing the reforestation in Cochabamba.
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