Profil M offers your managers individual support for meeting professional challenges. Demanding goals and employees, combined with processes of change can quickly stretch managers to their limits. The range of individual objectives in coaching is very wide. These might include confronting a particularly difficult leadership task, working on the development of specific areas or choosing to take advantage of the intensive format that individual coaching offers in order to acquire skills in a personalized, efficient and targeted manner.

Your managers will find Profil M’s coaches to be perceptive, competent sparring partners who question, analyze, inspire and sometimes even confront. At Profil M, our coaches are not bound to a particular methodological or psychological school; rather, they take a comprehensive approach, drawing on their experience and broad range of qualifications as coaches and leadership developers.

This includes a background in psychology and diverse coaching methods as well as practical management experience.

Profil M’s coaches work with your managers according to individual needs or as part of development programs. Our coaches help participants reflect on their own behavior and identify their underlying convictions. They teach managers new perspectives and help them practice new courses of action. Individual coaching therefore supports managers in achieving their personal objectives and making the results sustainable.

Primondo Management Service GmbH
Development and implementation of a qualification concept for the further development of the HR team
Storch-Ciret Group
Design and delivery of one-to-one training sessions and trainingprograms for employees and managers in German and English
GEPA mbH – The Fair Trade Company
Design and implementation of a training programme for managers
Nordex SE
Design and facilitation of an international High-Potential-Development program
Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH
Design and delivery of training for managers on the successful introduction of an employee appraisal and development toolkit.
Benteler Stahl/Rohr GmbH
Conducting training for managers, e.g. personnel selection, target agreement
Gebrüder Jaeger GmbH
Individual coaching of managerial staff
OBI Group Holding
Design and implementation of trainings for leaders and employees on a wide range of social competencies