What are your biggest challenges in leadership development?


There is a great need for cost-effective development alternatives.
Lower priority groups also need support.

Time commitment

Leaders cannot easily take time out of their day-to-day business for entire training days.


Leaders are looking for resource-efficient training that also offers them quick and practical applicability.


Sustainable learning experiences and long-term applicability must be maintained.

What are the benefits of high-intensity training?

We offer a sustainable learning experience when time is short and resources are limited. Intensive, pragmatic, and easy to integrate into day-to-day work – but with genuine impact.

We combine focus and motivation for sustainable learning success

Self-contained topics, consisting of short content input and practical exercises for sustainable learning experiences.

Maximum implementation time of 2.5 hours + effective transfer impulses with motivational boosters and helpful toolkits.

Motivating overall experience through personal relevance and energizing didactics, personal success, and light-bulb moments as well as an appealing mix of methods with experienced trainers

Mini-journey that can be easily integrated into day-to-day work

Clarity and focus regarding objectives, implementation, and approach

Can stand alone or be integrated into development journeys

Alexander Fritz, Managing Director

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