Leadership culture – where we help you.

Who is actually in charge here: The people who take the lead and assume responsibility? The structures and processes? The strategy or the goals? Or the culture?

Internalized, often unspoken rules, rituals, beliefs, role models, heroes and heroines, and ideas shape the leadership culture. Culture can accelerate or prevent change. Often it is about making visible and discussable what is perceived and invisible, and making tangible and workable what is difficult to grasp.

We help you develop an authentic leadership culture for yourself as an organization and become the best company you can be.

  • How can we better understand the dynamic leadership culture in our company? What are the defining elements?
  • Which cultural elements are essential to our vision and change processes? Which ones are in the way?
  • Where are the most relevant levers and starting points?
  • Through which means and methods can we set the right impulses most effectively and efficiently?
  • Who are the most important stakeholders and how can we involve them?
  • Which methods and tools can we use to best develop our leadership culture?

How we positively influence leadership culture

Change processes always need a vision that wins people over emotionally and convinces them rationally. The first step in changing leadership culture is a joint analysis – systemic, well-founded, and focused on the essential aspects.

Involving the relevant stakeholders and decision-makers, we define the right interventions and measures together with you. In this way, we set important impulses to question old cornerstones of leadership culture and plant new ideas. In an iterative process, we let measures take effect in a targeted manner, monitor successes, and define the next steps. At the very least, we get the people in your company on board; in the best case scenario, they shape the change themselves.

The leadership culture, the leadership systems, and the people must be seen and developed holistically. “Best practices” can be an inspiration, but the truly appropriate answers are always specific to the company.

We work with existing strengths and resources and with a positive view of humankind. Together with you, we create a space and the energy for people to be inspired and to be able to contribute without fear. We work with our hearts, minds, and passion. With our knowledge of processes that work and innovative methods, we navigate the complex area of leadership culture together with you.

In this way, you take the next big step toward a leadership culture that positively supports your change and initiatives. We help you develop an authentic leadership culture for yourself as an organization.

Drees & Sommer
Support for the implementation of a new leadership model, including workshops and training sessions for managers at all levels (national and international)
Drägerwerk AG
Consulting and facilitation of the development of management teams at all levels
BBT Gruppe – Barmherzige Brüder Trier e. V.
Design and delivery of leadership feedback from various perspectivesand facilitation of feedback workshops involving different managementlevels
KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG
Design of a competency model
Fresenius Kabi AG
Conducting bottom-up feedback for the board during the international top management conference
VOSS Gruppe
Design and implementation of the development program GUIDE to support all managers in their day-to-day leadership in a VUCA environment
Gebrüder Jaeger GmbH
Development of a personnel development concept
Drees & Sommer
Conception and realization of workshops for the development of high performance management teams
BBT Gruppe – Barmherzige Brüder Trier e. V.
Provision of consultancy services concerning the further development ofthe competence model
Drees & Sommer
Design and implementation of learning journeys for leaders at different management levels.
Storch-Ciret Group
Design and delivery of one-to-one training sessions and trainingprograms for employees and managers in German and English
Jost World GmbH
Design and delivery of management trainings on the topics of interviewtechniques, conflict management, how to chair and facilitate effectivemeetings and employee leadership
KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG
Development and delivery of training programs and video nuggets for allmanagers in line with the Knipex competence model
AVM Computersysteme Vetriebs GmbH
Training of managers at various levels on conducting regular appraisal reviews and problem-related conversations with employees
Fresenius Kabi AG
Conception and implementation of 360° feedbacks with an international group of participants
AVM Computersysteme Vetriebs GmbH
Leadership seminars for employees with technical leadershipresponsibility
Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen
Design and delivery of a qualification program for team leaders anddepartment managers
METRO Cash & Carry Deutschland GmbH
Support of two change processes in the form of analyses of the “unwritten rules” guiding action in the company
Nestlé Deutschland AG
Conception, preparation and implementation of workshops for the management team
Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG
Conception and implementation of development centres for top executives of the company
Supporting the design and delivery of a manager feedback concept and a follow-up process consisting of coachings and team workshops
Storch-Ciret Group
Supporting the introduction of a manager feedback concept and a follow-up process consisting of coaching-oriented feedback discussions andteam workshops for national and international managers
Krones AG
Development Center to support leaders in the production environment implementing the new corporate strategy
Leadership-Training for internal Talents
Gebrüder Jaeger GmbH
Development of a Gebrüder Jaeger specific competence model
Herta GmbH
Supporting the management team in the strategic reorganization. Support of the change process for the further development of the leadership culture.