Profil M can support you during change processes with our expertise in leadership development. Profil M is explicitly not a restructuring consultancy or organizational consultancy and our job is not to develop new organizational structures. Rather, we expertly and tactfully ensure that any changes that affect management in your organization will be accepted and implemented.

As a consultancy with a strong focus on leadership development, we help you to bring about the desired changes in your leadership culture. According to the starting point and objectives, we will help you define and implement your leadership model or diagnose leadership skills through feedback tools and assessment tools. We support your managers with practical measures such as training sessions, workshops and useful tools for managing employees.

Together with you, we define and introduce the catalysts that are needed to take your system to the next stable level in a higher stage of development.

In processes of structural change, we support you with HR implementation while remaining attentive to the conditions of each situation. We create transparency regarding your managers’ individual strengths, needs for development and growth potential. In doing so, we establish a valid basis for new appointments. Moreover, through our training courses and coaching, we give your managers the skills to manage changes in their areas of responsibility.

Your managers will rely on us as partners that they can approach on equal footing, as we are familiar with the personal impact of change situations and know how to open up new opportunities. In this way, we build acceptance through understanding and growth through inspiration.