The Profil M Management Audit provides differentiated assessments of managers on the upper levels. Regardless of whether individual managers or entire management levels participate, you will gain powerful insights into their strengths and development needs as well as opportunities and risks, helping you determine appropriate measures. We offer audit projects in the area of change management as well as audits for the purpose of individual manager development.

Finding and retaining good managers is one of the current and future challenges in talent management. We are very aware of the value that these managers contribute to your company. Our experienced consultants approach your top-level managers on equal footing, yet are also aware of their role as service providers who offer you personal added value. A detailed discussion offering feedback and advice is therefore a regular component of the assessment process. Our perceptive breakdown of each candidate’s management skills is one of the main reasons why our management audits are so well received.

The methodological quality of Profil M audits is based on two things: first, we do not stop at the interview. We integrate elements such as strategy case studies or other tasks that are specifically designed to simulate key management requirements. Second, our assessments are not limited to the competences that most senior-level managers are already proficient in.

Rather, we provide descriptions of the personal attitudes and degree of motivation that determine if and when top-level managers apply their skills, and how. By taking a holistic view of the candidate, we can deliver accurate assessments on whether top-level managers can effectively create added value in management roles when faced with the challenges that come with the relevant position.

DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale
Preparation and implementation of development audits
ZEPPELIN Rental GmbH & Co. KG
Conception and moderation of business-oriented potential workshops for planning next development steps with various elements for self-reflection
Desing and Delivery of Development-Assessments for production workers with leadership potential
Eckart GmbH
Conception and implementation of personnel development workshops for all managers in production at the levels of shift foreman, group leader and department head.
MAN Diesel & Turbo SE
Conception and implementation of audits with project managers
Conceptual design and Implementation of the “Board meets Talents-Workshop”, a Development-Center for Top-Executives with involvement of Board Members
thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG
Conception and implementation of individual development centres
Altana AG
Development and implementation of the ALTANA Management Challenge as a basis for development planning for high potentials for management level 1 as well as 2 and 3