The task of filling key management positions effectively is one of the most important and complex challenges for corporate executive and supervisory boards, as this has a direct bearing on business performance. To safeguard staffing decisions on this level, it is therefore essential to undertake a highly discerning, judicious consideration of opportunities and risks. With Profil M executive assessment, we can provide you with professional security for these crucial decisions.

With regard to the selection of executives, considerations typically focus on the specific, individual matching of the person and the task. Managers are not necessarily suited to any kind of business situation – each person has individual strengths and suitability for very specific challenges. For our executive assessment, our first priority is therefore to make a differentiated analysis of strategic, operational and leadership-related challenges in the position. We provide you with a complete prognosis of each candidate’s behaviour and performance, including a substantiated risk assessment with regard to the specific position and situation. Psychological factors and the individual’s personality are considered to be just as important as management and leadership skills in our analysis.

At this level, we also emphasise the importance of transparency, maximum acceptance by all involved and a focus on specific aspects for development. We work with your candidates throughout the process and provide them with detailed recommendations for successful onboarding.

Our experienced consultants are well versed in working with executive personalities and competent in providing advice to decision makers at the top level of management as professionals on equal footing. The source of their capability is their astute business sense and personal rapport.

Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen
Conception and implementation of individual assessment centres in the selection of executives
Faurecia Autositze GmbH
Design and delivery of assessment centers for the selection of trainees as well as design of tools for pre-selection of applicants
Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG
Conception and implementation of development centres for top executives of the company
Bayer AG
Design and delivery of international development centers for internationaltop executives and for middle management
Stabilus GmbH
Design and delivery of Top Management Assessment Centers (TMAC) for the analysis of potential of managers with regard to top management positions
Drägerwerk AG
Design and implementation of individual assessments for the selection and development of leaders at all levels
Krones AG
Development and implementation of individual assessments for the appointment of project managers of different levels and areas in accordance with the Krones project career path
REWE Group
Conception and implementation of (remote and face-to-face) assessment, development and reflection centers for different management levels of REWE Group