Frank & Friendly Feedback

The “Frank & Friendly Feedback” app enables spontaneous, event-driven feedback in a specific and direct, simple and uncomplicated way. It supports your employees and managers in integrating feedback into their day-to-day work. The goal is to achieve a transparent, open, and constructive feedback culture.

The major drivers of our time, digitalization and the conversion to new organizational forms, mean that managers and employees must quickly adapt to new roles and tasks. When confronted with new requirements, the focus is on personal responsibility – including for personal development. More than ever, feedback is proving to be a key lever for the success of the individual and your company.

Flexible and uncomplicated: Leadership and development tools that are tied to stable structures and fixed cycles are no longer adequate or sufficiently flexible. The “Frank & Friendly Feedback” app is flexible and uncomplicated.

Matching your feedback topics: The “Frank & Friendly Feedback” app contains 6 feedback sets for the most frequent feedback occasions in everyday professional life: team play, leadership, presentation, performance, project management, and meeting quality. In addition, you have the opportunity to define your own feedback set with key topics from your leadership mindset, mission statement, or competence model.

Continuous analysis: For the continuous analysis of feedback development, individual analyses are available to feedback recipients. In this way the app becomes an integral part of individual development processes.

Regarding which topics should your employees give each other regular feedback?

Feedback recipients:

1. gave a presentation, for example

2. select the appropriate feedback set

3. invite feedback providers via link and PIN, or QR code

4. immediately receive ratings and possible comments

Feedback providers:

1. scan the QR Code or use the link and enter the PIN

2. award 1 to 5 stars each for 5 key criteria

3. are able to add a comment

4. decide themselves whether their feedback should remain anonymous

Alexander Brandt, Head of Digital Solutions

Learn more about our digital solutions. We would be happy to offer you a web session within one day to talk about possibilities for your digitally supported leadership development. We look forward to hearing from you!

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