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Profil M is one of the market leaders in the field of leadership assessment in Germany. We have been designing potential analyses and selection processes for many years for our national and international clients. Our consulting services extend far beyond the simple development and implementation of selection tools. Rather, we offer you an extensive overview of available methods and trends so that we can design the best selection processes and tools for you and your objectives. Reliable, high-quality selection of personnel by means of a procedure that represents your organization is the result. For selection processes on any level – from trainees to top-level management – we work with you to design processes and tools for internal and external selection criteria. Together with you, we look at the entire range of online and face-to-face selection processes and select the candidates that deliver maximum added value. As you get to know us as a partner, you will find that we are not bound to a specific methodology – instead, we focus on giving clear recommendations with regard to your objectives. In times of demographic change, HR selection is becoming more challenging – and so are many applicants. We know that we have given you good advice if you have made valid HR recommendations but also if your processes and tools are attractive to participants and lend optimum support to your HR marketing. Moreover, we see it as our mission to support you with processes that are as efficient and cost-effective as possible.


Selection of 120 sales representatives in sales. Profil M is helping DekaBank with the conceptualisation, optimisation and implementation as well as providing decision recommendations and continuous quality management.
Profil M evaluates and modifies the existing recruiting process. After developing the design, Profil M has been cooperating closely with the client to build up a recruiting toolbox and training managers in personnel selection.


tesa SE Delivery of recruiting training sessions Project PDF
Elena Mahinova



Die Beurteilung von Potenzial und Kompetenzen gehört zu den wichtigsten Herausforderungen jeder Personalarbeit. Professionelle Assessment Center leisten dabei einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur fundierten Auswahl externer Bewerber ... read more


Assessment im Vertrieb
Dated: Michael Paschen und Anika Borchardt
Published in: Symposion Publishing symposion  

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Beyond vague gut instincts - HR selection competencies for executives (Christian Stöwe) - (Video in German)

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