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Profil M works with you to help your managers and their teams make the best contribution towards achieving your corporate objectives. Our basic philosophy is to design the target agreement systems and evaluation systems so that they can be optimally integrated into your HR processes and talent management – whether this means developing new concepts for entire performance management systems or customizing existing tools to meet current requirements. Our many years of experience have taught us that target agreement systems and evaluation systems can only function effectively as leadership tools if managers perceive these as useful for the fulfillment of their management tasks, rather than a necessary evil. We give equal consideration to each and every case, whether this is a challenging situation such as a dynamic environment with changing goals and remote management, or coherent target systems in a matrix organization. We help you design performance management that is objectively substantiated, thoroughly planned and feasible for practical application, so that your managers will be convinced of its value and make use of it as intended. We consider the results first – not the method. Efficient performance management systems are also characterized by well-planned announcements and depend on the extent of managers’ qualifications. Through online training and face-to-face coaching, we help your managers put theory into practice when dealing with the practical challenges that arise in management situations. In other words: many managers are familiar with the SMART criteria – but how do you take action as a manager when objectives are constantly changing?


RCI Banque
Assess employees and agree on targets. To prepare for the annual employee meeting and target setting, Profil M has been holding training sessions for all managers.
uniVersa Versicherung
Together with top executives in Sales at uniVersa Profil M has been developing various tools for the goal-oriented management of sales at uniVersa and then conducting the relevant training for all sales managers.



Zielvereinbarungen als Führungsinstrument nutzen - Mitarbeitergespräche und Zielvereinbarungen sind effektive Führungsinstrumente – wenn sie sinnvoll eingesetzt werden. Dieses Buch hilft bei der Vor- und Nachbereitung ... read more


Workshop-basierte Zielsysteme
Dated: Michael Paschen
Published in: Handbuch Personalentwicklung

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