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Leadership culture and leadership guidelines

As a consultancy with a focus on leadership development, Profil M supports you during the development of your leadership culture – both in terms of concepts and practical implementation. We know that culture cannot be changed overnight. With expertise and a feel for change processes, we make sure that a new awareness for “good” leadership develops step by step. Once these values and demands have been accepted and internalized, they will later be reflected in leadership behavior. In turbulent times, employees and managers need a compass to guide them to work independently and take responsibility. Mission statements can help give you the right orientation with regard to desired values and behavior. We help you define the right mission statement for your organization – it should be close enough to your future ideal to bring about change yet sufficiently in line with current reality for it to be accepted. The prerequisite for acceptance of a mission statement is involvement and communication on the part of the managers, both locally and internationally. We can support you in this regard as experienced facilitators and trainers. The decisive factor for success when it comes to the effectiveness of mission statements in management behavior is consistency of application and implementation in the form of practical tools of management and leadership development. As consultants with comprehensive expertise in the field of leadership, management we can convert the contents of your mission statement into a customized competency model, performance management system or assessment and feedback tools. Only then can mission statements be adopted on a continuous basis by employees and managers in the workplace and become internalised guidelines for action.


RWE Netzwerkpartner
In this expanding organisation, a new mission statement provides employees and managers with orientation. Profil M is supervising and facilitating the process through management workshops for executives and implementation workshops for the entire workforce.
Felix Schoeller
In workshops with executives, managers and employees in various locations, functions and hierarchy levels, Profil M has been developing a corporate mission statement. Profil M is developing the basic concept and moderating the workshops for its development, as well as supervising its implementation.


Drees & Sommer Ready for the island – Workshop on the topic of leadership Project PDF
Christian Stöwe
Vonovia SE Design and delivery of a 360-degree feedback program Project PDF
Anja Beenen
Multinational research-based pharmaceutical company Design and delivery of an employee survey Project PDF
Yvonne Faerber



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