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With a competency model that is customized for your organization, we can give your talent management and leadership development a clear direction and a binding framework. We work with you to establish a consistent connection between your corporate strategy and your talent management. HR and leadership development can therefore effectively contribute to your organization’s success. We help you customize competency models specifically for your organization, optimize current approaches and align your existing methods for HR development to the model as well as adding new tools. As market leader in leadership development, Profil M offers you more than just expertise in the development of competency models – we can also build appraisal and assessment tools on the basis of these models as well as skills-based conceptualization of training and development programs. We know that competency models per se do not contribute value – their value only truly unfolds in HR tools that are used effectively. We help you design your competency model so that you can strike the right balance between pragmatism and detail. The more explicitly the requirements are defined, the easier it will be for managers and employees to understand the competency model. However, a dynamic environment and heterogeneous corporate structures call for flexible, easily adaptable competency models. Also, in an international context there is an even greater need for the competency model to be easy to understand and use. We will find the solution that is right for you by weighing up the costs and benefits.


Profil M supports KNIPEX with the systematic development of its management as a medium-sized global business. Many of the measures are based on a jointly developed competency model. The necessary requirements become transparent and quantifiable when these are subject to the corporate policy and values.
In joint workshops with the management in Germany as well as individual interviews with international managers, Profil M has been developing a Wilkhahn-specific competency model and implementing measures based on this, such as interviews for employee assessment.
ista International
Profil M is developing an international competency model as the basis for feedback and talent management processes for employees and managers. The competency model is based on a survey of HR experts and managers in the light of the realignment of the company’s strategic challenges.



Die Begriffe Kompetenz und Potenzial gehören zu den fundamentalen Begrifflichkeiten der Personal- und Führungskräfteentwicklung. Viele Unternehmen betreiben einen großen Aufwand, um ihre internen Potenzialträger ... read more

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Potenzial und Kompetenz
Dated: Michael Paschen
Produced by: Profil M 

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Wie entstehen Stärken?
Dated: Michael Paschen und Erich Dishmaier
Published in: managerSeminare

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What is competence? Surprising truths about potential and competence, by Michael Paschen (Part 1) - (Video in German)
What is competence? Surprising truths about potential and competence, by Michael Paschen (Part 2) - (Video in German)
What is competence? Surprising truths about potential and competence, by Michael Paschen (Part 3) - (Video in German)

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