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Profil M offers you comprehensive expertise in the design of processes and tools for talent management and leadership development. Profil M clients include the majority of DAX-30 corporations as well as many M-DAX companies. We work together with you to design complete systems or individual tools for building talent and developing effective leadership. By working together with us, you benefit from our broad overview of best practices and state-of-the-art tools. Based on our experience, we know that sustainably functioning systems in leadership management can’t simply be copied and pasted. Dynamic markets and heterogeneous organizational units call for a rapid response with flexible tools and processes in order to evolve leadership skills within the organization. Together with you, we will determine the processes and tools that are the best fit for your organization. We align ourselves to your strategy, your goals and your leadership culture as well as the tools that are already in place. It is our philosophy to always ensure the best compromise between pragmatism and compliance on the one hand, and quality content and relevance on the other. Tools for talent management and leadership development are only effective if they are easy to use and accept. Managers need to perceive added value for themselves and for the organization in order to justify the costs. We also know that attention to detail is important and provide you with systematically analyzed state-of-the-art solutions. For us, well-founded content and ease of practical application are not contradictions but key factors that ensure that your leadership management makes a genuine contribution to your organization’s success.

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Talent Management

Profil M talent management helps you ideally position employees and Managers...


Selection Process

Profil M is one of the market leaders in the field of leadership assessment in Germany...

Performance Management

Profil M works with you to help your managers and their Teams...


Leadership culture and leadership guidelines

As a consultancy with a focus on leadership development, Profil M...

Change support

Profil M can support you during change processes with our expertise in leadership...


Competency Model

With a competency model that is customized for your organization, we can give your...


REWE Group
In the context of the large-scale repositioning of 400 employees in the purchasing division, Profil M has been supporting REWE with the design of the overall process as well as the diagnostics. Together with reflact AG, Profil M has been developing a tool to match skills profiles with the requirements. These are utilised as the basis for employee repositioning.
Techniker Krankenkasse
As part of the company’s talent management activities, Profil M supports Techniker Krankenkasse in establishing a process for high potential identification. Profil M supports Techniker Krankenkasse throughout all the stages of the project: from clarifying the specific requirements for a high-potential identification process, developing a precise procedure model, designing the required instruments and supporting internal communication processes up to delivering training sessions for managers and facilitating the first talent conferences.


Altana AG International introduction of an online assessment Project PDF
Anja Beenen
Intern. agierendes, forschendes Pharmaunternehmen xxxx Project PDF
Yvonne Faerber



Die Begriffe Kompetenz und Potenzial gehören zu den fundamentalen Begrifflichkeiten der Personal- und Führungskräfteentwicklung. Viele Unternehmen betreiben einen großen Aufwand, um ihre internen Potenzialträger ... read more


Potenziale und Kompetenzen beurteilen und entwickeln
Dated: Michael Paschen
Published in: GdW Praxishandbuch  
read more

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