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Profil M offers your managers individual support for meeting professional challenges. Demanding goals and employees, combined with processes of change can quickly stretch managers to their limits. The range of individual objectives in coaching is very wide. These might include confronting a particularly difficult leadership task, working on the development of specific areas or choosing to take advantage of the intensive format that individual coaching offers in order to acquire skills in a personalized, efficient and targeted manner. Your managers will find Profil M’s coaches to be perceptive, competent sparring partners who question, analyze, inspire and sometimes even confront. At Profil M, our coaches are not bound to a particular methodological or psychological school; rather, they take a comprehensive approach, drawing on their experience and broad range of qualifications as coaches and leadership developers. This includes a background in psychology and diverse coaching methods as well as practical management experience. Profil M’s coaches work with your managers according to individual needs or as part of development programs. Our coaches help participants reflect on their own behavior and identify their underlying convictions. They teach managers new perspectives and help them practice new courses of action. Individual coaching therefore supports managers in achieving their personal objectives and making the results sustainable.


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Profil M provides coaching measures to support selected top managers. The focus is on individual issues, which are typically discussed in 5 to 10 meetings of around 2 hours each.
Within an ongoing merger process, Profil M supports team development measures for restructuring and assists managers with individual or team coaching measures during the change process.


SWK STADTWERKE KREFELD AG Facilitation of group coaching sessions as part of a support program for high-potentials Project PDF
Yvonne Faerber



Coaching zählt zu den effizientesten Methoden moderner Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung. Die Autoren – drei erfahrene Coaches – vermitteln vor dem Hintergrund einschlägiger Theorien ganz konkrete Instrumente und Methoden für ... read more

Unfähig oder unwillig? Das erste Buch zum Thema zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie als Führungskraft schwierige und leistungsschwache Mitarbeiter wirksam führen, Konflikte lösen und arbeitsrechtliche Fehler vermeiden. Je besser die Diagnose desto besser die ... read more

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Motivation Theories – a comprehensive overview part I
Dated: Florian Engelke
Produced by: Profil M 

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Selbstreflexion als Kompetenz
Dated: Marko Mühlena
Published in: Wolters Kluwer Handbuch PersonalEntwickeln
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