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Our blended learning programs let you choose the combination of face-to-face training and e-learning that is ideal for you and your managers. We make sure you get the best of both worlds according to the objectives of your learning process. Maximizing efficiency is our priority in these programs. For example, we transfer knowledge in the form of WBTs in advance, leaving time for practical exercises in the training sessions. We encourage self-guided, targeted learning, using methods such as learning-objective tests and online learning diaries. Participants are able to broaden their learning experience through measures such as online coaching when there are limited opportunities for face-to-face meetings with the trainer. This is just one of the reasons why our blended learning programs are so successful and popular with groups of international managers. The Profil M Academy is an online learning platform that allows you to customize and control your development program or learning process. The Profil M Academy makes the organization of learning processes simple. For example, you can prepare automatic invitations or reminders and streamline documents or training feedback inquiries. As a intuitive e-learning platform, it offers content in the form of WBTs, video tutorials or online training courses as well as numerous tools to support the transfer of learning. You are free to use all of these services according to your needs – but you are also free to choose not to. New circumstances call for new forms of learning. New media and methods open up new opportunities, but can also be overwhelming for participants, and this can lead to rejection. We are very aware that blended learning can only create added value in the context of your IT, your learning culture and your learning objectives.


Boston Consulting
Blended Learning for lateral leadership. Profil M creates an efficient mix of face-to-face training and web-based components for international participants. Profil M Academy offers participants individual, goal-oriented learning and provides organisers with effective organisation of the group learning process.
Drees & Sommer
For many years, Profil M has been supporting Drees & Sommer with training courses for internal manager development. The training programmes are backed up by online components of the Profil M Academy and strengthened for sustainability.


International leader in consulting International blended-learning program Project PDF
Anja Beenen



Erlerntes Wissen ist wichtig - entscheidend ist aber die gekonnte Anwendung in der Praxis. Hier erhalten Sie beides: Training: Mitarbeiterauswahl, -motivation, -beurteilung und -entwicklung: mit kurzen und einfachen Trainingseinheiten erhalten Sie ... read more

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Projektleiter und fachliche Vorgesetzte haben für die Führung ihrer Mitarbeiter oft nicht die Mittel und die Zeit, die sie eigentlich brauchen. Um ihre Ziele mit ihrem Team zu erreichen, müssen sie effiziente Vorgehensweisen ... read more

Unfähig oder unwillig? Das erste Buch zum Thema zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie als Führungskraft schwierige und leistungsschwache Mitarbeiter wirksam führen, Konflikte lösen und arbeitsrechtliche Fehler vermeiden. Je besser die Diagnose desto besser die ... read more


Führungskraft - LEADERSHIP - richtig führen
Dated: Christian Stöwe
Published in: BILDUNGaktuell  

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Welche Rolle spielt die Führungskraft?
Dated: Michael Paschen und Erich Dishmaier
Published in: managerSeminare  

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Vom Kollegen zur Führungskraft
Dated: Stefan Reinecke und Christian Stöwe
Published in: PersonalEntwickeln  

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Schwierige Mitarbeiter - was tun?
Dated: Yvonne Färber
Published in: ANZAG Magazin  

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Learning international intercultural competencies - a blended learning program for AIDA Cruises (Alexander Brandt) - (Video in German)

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