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Leadership Development
Profil M supports the sustainable development of your managers. We believe that managers should grow in response to the challenges they face. Our development and training programs help them succeed in this. We open up new possibilities and offer practical courses of action for dealing with your organization’s challenges.
Our learning processes are designed to enable managers to pursue learning goals while integrating practical measures into their everyday work. This provides your managers with the foundations for growth and sustainable change. We develop programs according to your business goals, needs, culture and practical opportunities for national and international managers. We work together with you to find the right mix of face-to-face meetings and e-learning to suit your goals and your participants. With the Profil M Academy, we provide a modern, easy-to-use, cost-effective online platform to accompany your learning processes. As well as producing effective and efficient programs, we focus on helping participants take individual responsibility for their own development. Based on our practical experience with over 1,000 training sessions per year, we know what managers really need to incorporate into their everyday work in order to succeed. Faced with dynamic structures and constantly changing demands, managers today have to be better educated and better prepared than ever before. To handle challenging goals and employees, managers must be strong, competent and proactive, even when conditions are uncertain. With this objective in mind, we provide inspiring concepts and practical help for senior managers with extensive training experience as well as junior managers with less training.

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Development programs

Profil M provides expert support for the design and implementation of ...


Digital Learning Journey

Development is a process, a journey on which executives and high potentials can...


Our trainers open up new possibilities for your managers and provide them with practical courses of action. We want ...



Profil M offers your managers individual support for meeting professional challenges...



Implementation of basic leadership training for all (aspiring) managers. Profil M develops the contents for the four-module training series, adjusts the focus to allow for current business developments and conducts training sessions with a permanent team of trainers.
Boston Consulting
Blended Learning for lateral leadership. Profil M creates an efficient mix of face-to-face training and web-based components for international participants. Profil M Academy offers participants individual, goal-oriented learning and provides organisers with effective organisation of the group learning process.


International leader in consulting International blended-learning program Project PDF
Anja Beenen
Drees & Sommer Ready for the island – Workshop on the topic of leadership Project PDF
Christian Stöwe



Dies ist kein typischer Führungsratgeber! Denn dieses Führungsbuch löst sich von den üblichen Kochrezepten und Modellen: Durch klare Gedankengänge, eine Orientierung an großen Führungsleistungen und eine psychologische ... read more

The book seamlessly links fundamental insights and practical approaches to address the most important leadership problems and challenges. Each of the 11 chapters takes a close look at a specific leadership aspect and explains ... read more

Erlerntes Wissen ist wichtig - entscheidend ist aber die gekonnte Anwendung in der Praxis. Hier erhalten Sie beides: Training: Mitarbeiterauswahl, -motivation, -beurteilung und -entwicklung: mit kurzen und einfachen Trainingseinheiten erhalten Sie ... read more


Wertvolle Wut-Aggression im Management
Dated: Michael Paschen und Erich Dishmaier
Published in: Managerseminare 

read more

Führungskräfteentwicklung in der Praxis
Dated: Michael Paschen
Published in: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag Handbuch Personalgewinnung im Employee Relationship   
read more

Führung als Kompetenz
Dated: Michael Paschen und Janet Wilkes
Published in: Wolters Kluwer Handbuch Personal Entwickeln
read more

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