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When your group participates in the Profil M Assessment Center, you can be certain of identifying the most suitable managers and high-potential employees. We design our Assessment Centers to cut costs and save time, but without cutting corners – we provide you with key intelligence and meet your requirements. In today’s business climate, assessment procedures have to produce the greatest possible informative value in the shortest possible time while offering maximum savings. Together with you, we develop the most effective and efficient solution for your selection criteria. We provide experienced guidance throughout the process – the level of support is up to you. Take advantage of our experience and our support services to suit your needs. On request, we can work with you to design the entire selection process as well as the Assessment Center, from the announcement through the preliminary selection process all the way up to follow-up measures. As a full service provider, we offer you comprehensive support. On request, we can hold preliminary selection interviews and follow-up meetings; if you prefer, we can coordinate the entire assessment session and provide technical equipment as needed. Regardless of whether you choose to use these services or just rely on our expertise for the implementation of the Assessment Center, you will find us to be a qualified partner with long-standing experience in the professional coordination of assessment centers.

Is your Assessment Center fit for the age of digitalization?

Using the Profil M AC app you will implement your Assessment Centers – whether Group or Individual Assessment Center – in a digitally supported way with iPads, in line with your company’s digital strategy.

Each observer receives an individual iPad for the duration of the Assessment Center, containing his or her digital observer binder. The app intuitively guides observers through the various exercise and observation sequences, observations and impressions from the individual exercises are noted down in handwritten form directly on the iPad. They are saved automatically and sorted by individual candidates for the final assessment and feedback, thus ensuring an efficient observer conference and well-founded feedback for participants.

The application allows you to implement Assessment Centers efficiently and also makes preparation easier – digitalization at its best. To this end, participant data, schedules, event, and exercise documents are compiled online via a web interface and synchronized with the iPads at the push of a button.

With regard to the topic of data security, maximum standards are achieved. For example, all the information is saved on the devices in encrypted form and the application itself is hosted on servers in Germany.


Implementation of Assessment Centers for international development programmes. Profil M conducts selection procedures for new MBA and masters’ graduates for an international sales and marketing programme.
Deutsche Flugsicherung
Profil M designs flexible Group Assessment Centers to select managers who lead teams or departments. The number of participants is variable depending on the number of positions and the final applicant situation. Profil M also helps organise the internal potential analysis procedures in the form of group assessments.



Die Begriffe Kompetenz und Potenzial gehören zu den fundamentalen Begrifflichkeiten der Personal- und Führungskräfteentwicklung. Viele Unternehmen betreiben einen großen Aufwand, um ihre internen Potenzialträger zu identifizieren ... read more

Die Beurteilung von Potenzial und Kompetenzen gehört zu den wichtigsten Herausforderungen jeder Personalarbeit. Professionelle Assessment Center leisten dabei einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur fundierten Auswahl externer Bewerber ... read more

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