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When you collaborate with Profil M, you benefit from our methodological competence and extensive experience in management diagnostics. From the Development Center for junior-level managers through to executive assessment for top-level managers, we offer you a comprehensive range of management diagnostics. We help you make recruiting decisions and draft targeted development plans with our accurate assessments of leadership competence and potential. 
Besides our diagnostic competence, one of the key factors in our success is our consultants’ feel for communicating assessment and feedback regarding management skills. We know that accurate assessment results alone are not enough – they must also be accepted. Profil M provides a complete range of services and can accompany any or all of the assessment processes depending on your needs, from conceptualization through implementation right up to support for follow-up measures. We know how to design professional management diagnostics for the best results. At the same time, you can rest assured that our assessment tools and processes are tailor-made for your organization. Our focus depends on your objectives, your competency model, your mission statement, your corporate language and your industry. Judging by the feedback from our clients, we know that we provide genuine added value – for decision makers and for participants. In fact, we consider this to be a benchmark for our standards.

Consulting services Leadership Assessment

Assessment Center

When your group participates in the Profil M Assessment Center, you can be certain of identifying...


Executive Assessment

The task of filling key management positions effectively is one of the most important and complex...



Profil M’s 360-degree feedback is an effective tool for developing leadership Quality...

Individual Assessment

Profil M individual assessments focus on the assessment of competence and potential for a specific...


Potential Analysis

Potential analysis means forecasting the future, because potential is the expertise of tomorrow...


Digital Assessment Solutions

Profil M offers you the best of both worlds - personal assessment and online tools...

Management Audit

The Profil M Management Audit provides differentiated assessments of managers on the upper Levels...


Development Center

The Profil M Development Center provides you with a basis for the targeted development of your Managers...


Hubert Burda Media
Implementation of selection audits for senior executives. Profil M accompanies each step in the selection process for functions in high-level management, including the analysis of requirements, the design of the procedure, the collection of references and the definition of a development plan.
Development and implementation of internal Development Centers for all global potential candidates. As the lead consultancy Profil M accompanies the potential assessment of all global talents at each stage: conceptualisation, global rollout, implementation and development of global evaluation tools as well as qualification measures for other consultancies in APAC and LATAM regions.


Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Delivery of individual assessment centers Project PDF
Claudia Qualbrink
Sartorius AG Conducting management audits Project PDF
Michael Paschen
Janssen-Cilag GmbH Design and delivery of reflection days Project PDF
Michael Paschen
ThyssenKrupp AG Delivery of management development workshops at the Business Area Steel Europe Project PDF
Michael Paschen



Die Begriffe Kompetenz und Potenzial gehören zu den fundamentalen Begrifflichkeiten der Personal- und Führungskräfteentwicklung. Viele Unternehmen betreiben einen großen Aufwand, um ihre internen Potenzialträger ... read more

Die Beurteilung von Potenzial und Kompetenzen gehört zu den wichtigsten Herausforderungen jeder Personalarbeit. Professionelle Assessment Center leisten dabei einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur fundierten Auswahl externer Bewerber ... read more

Videos / Articles

Wahrheit oder Pflicht: Über Ehrlichkeit und Authentizität im Bewerberinterview
Dated: Christian Stöwe, Florian Engelke
Produced by: Profil M 

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Interkulturelle Kompetenz
Dated: Elena Mahinova und Claudia Qualbrink
Published in: PersonalEntwickeln  

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