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Developing Leadership. Profil M enables you to develop managers in your organization efficiently and sustainably. We offer you our expertise in the fields of leadership assessment, leadership development and leadership management. We help you assess the potential of your current and future managers to enable you to make short-term recruiting decisions and long-term development plans. We help managers in development programs and training courses consider new perspectives and provide them with courses of action for application in practice. Also, we assist you in setting up effective processes and practical tools for leadership development and talent management that will function as levers for your company’s success. With 2,500 consulting days in leadership assessment per year and 1,200 days in leadership development, Profil M is one of the market leaders in Germany.


Leadership Assessment

Working with Profil M will give you the benefit of methodology expertise and...

Leadership Development

Profil M supports you in the sustainable development of your executives. We are...

Leadership Management

Profil M offers comrehensive expertise in process design and talent tools…



It is our ambition and our promise to make companies more successful through good leadership. We shape leadership together with you to secure your company’s future. We give everything. Any time and any place – we provide you with expertise, process competence, and a comprehensive service. How do we do that? Read for yourself


Development and implementation of internal Development Centers for all global potential candidates. As the lead consultancy Profil M accompanies the potential assessment of all global talents at each stage: conceptualisation, global rollout, implementation and development of global evaluation tools as well as qualification measures for other consultancies in APAC and LATAM regions
Boston Consulting
Blended Learning for lateral leadership. Profil M creates an efficient mix of face-to-face training and web-based components for international participants. Profil M Academy offers participants individual, goal-oriented learning and provides organisers with effective organisation of the group learning process.
REWE Group
In the context of the large-scale repositioning of 400 employees in the purchasing division, Profil M has been supporting REWE with the design of the overall process as well as the diagnostics. Together with reflact AG, Profil M has been developing a tool to match skills profiles with the requirements. These are utilised as the basis for employee repositioning.



Dies ist kein typischer Führungsratgeber! Denn dieses Führungsbuch löst sich von den üblichen Kochrezepten und Modellen: Durch klare Gedankengänge, eine Orientierung an großen Führungsleistungen und eine psychologische ... read more

The book seamlessly links fundamental insights and practical approaches to address the most important leadership problems and challenges. Each of the 11 chapters takes a close look at a specific leadership aspect and explains ... read more

Die Begriffe Kompetenz und Potenzial gehören zu den fundamentalen Begrifflichkeiten der Personal- und Führungskräfteentwicklung. Viele Unternehmen betreiben einen großen Aufwand, um ihre internen Potenzialträger ... read more

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Lost in Translation? (Teil 1)
Dated: Christian Stöwe 
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Kompetenzen sind mehr als Fähigkeiten
Dated: Michael Paschen
Published in: Talent Management  

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