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In-depth content, fact-based consulting and practical solutions are not incompatible – they are the perfect combination that guarantees the long-term success of our consulting projects. Profil M publications inspire managers and HR experts, present an in-depth analysis of the relevant issues and provide detailed advice for the successful development of leadership potential in your organization. Take advantage of our know-how and discover new ideas and practical solutions to your questions in the area of developing leadership.


Vom Kollegen zum Vorgesetzten
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Psychologie der Menschenführung
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Die Psychologie von Potenzial und Kompetenz
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The Psychology of Human Leadership
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Lost in Translation? (Teil 1)
Dated: Christian Stöwe
Published in: TalentManagement 
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Konfliktmanagement als Kompetenz
Dated: Michael Paschen und Alexander Fritz
Published in: Personal Entwickeln  

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Kompetenzen sind mehr als Fähigkeiten
Dated: Michael Paschen
Published in: TalentManagement  

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Wertvolle Wut - Aggression im Management
Dated: Michael Paschen und Erich Dihsmaier
Published in: Managerseminare  

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How can we develop strong leadership competence? Michael Paschen gives an interesting insight into the psychology of leadership competence development (Video in German)
Board meets Talents: Assessment and identification of potential for executives (Simone Ontyd/Michael Paschen) - (Video in German)
Learning international intercultural competencies - a blended learning program for AIDA Cruises (Alexander Brandt) - (Video in German)

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