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The Profil M Remote Assessment offers reliable diagnostics with maximum flexibility for all participants and a positive candidate experience. The advantages at a glance:

Maximum flexibility results in shorter application processes: All those involved in the Remote Assessment – participants, decision-makers, and consultants – remain at the location that suits them best. This means – not only do you save travel expenses and time, but you also shorten your application processes considerably through uncomplicated scheduling. Furthermore, the Remote Assessment has a positive impact on your carbon footprint.

Positive candidate experience: But the Remote Assessment can do even more: Firstly, it offers a cost-effective solution in case travel is not an option. Secondly, the Assessment provides attractive added value for the candidate experience. Participants appreciate the possibility to participate in the Assessment without the need to travel. Above all, however, they have the opportunity to present themselves in their chosen environment. This puts participants in a very pleasant and comfortable situation, which results in them being able to perform in a particularly authentic manner.

High degree of validity: The Remote Assessment requires and facilitates new exercise formats. Video-instructed exercises lead to a high degree of identification, including an emotional identification, with the exercise content. Virtual interactions in meetings and discussions are a very typical setting for many work situations. Observers completely remain in the background during the implementation of the exercises. All this not only leads to a very realistic experience for participants, but ultimately also increases the Assessment's authenticity and thus its validity.

Uncomplicated implementation: The Profil M Remote Assessment does not require plug-in installations and works in all standard internet browsers. All standard assessment exercises such as interviews, role simulations, case studies, and presentations can be implemented in the Profil M Remote Assessment. Observers and participants act in both individual and shared spaces. They can jointly carry out exercises, prepare themselves, or share evaluations in groups. Based on recordings of individual exercises, observers can evaluate them with a time delay.


Welcome in the lobby: Observers and participants see each other via their web cams.

Interactive exercises: Participants and role players see each other via the camera, observers step into the background completely.

Remote exercise formats: In the participant's preparation room all information is provided, either video-based or in writing.

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Alexander Brandt, Head of Digital Solutions

Learn more about our digital solutions. We would be happy to offer you a web session within one day to talk about possibilities for your digitally supported leadership development. We look forward to hearing from you!


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