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Profil M offers you the best of both worlds - personal assessment and online tools - with various Digital Assessment Solutions. This is how we find the ideal blended assessment approach for you and your managers.

On the one hand, we offer you assessments with the proven strengths of our groups and individual assessments supported by digital tools. In this way, we not only achieve the necessary flexibility and efficiency, but also create a positive Candidate Experience with maximum expressiveness.

In addition, we provide your leaders and high potentials with online tests and feedback tools that enable them to reflect on themselves in an uncomplicated and continuous manner - within the framework of learning journeys, development centers, or even stand alone.

Digital Assessment Solutions

Profil M AC App

Digitalizing assessment processes – not as an end in itself, but to further perfect the assessment method...



Profil M's 360° feedback tool offers you an effective tool for developing leadership quality in your company...

Remote Assessment

The Profil M Remote Assessment offers reliable diagnostics with maximum flexibility for all participants...


Frank & Friendly Feedback

The "Frank & Friendly Feedback" app enables spontaneous, event-driven...

Leadership MDLF

The test is generally aimed at people who are already leaders or who want to become leaders...


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