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Welcome to the Profil M YouTube video channel. Here, our consultants provide Profil M leadership development expertise. You will find everything from basic skills to practical tips and inspiring stories, all the way through to recommended literature on the topic of leadership development. In the form of short video nuggets, our consultants present topics to you that are close to their hearts and that are to provide you with new sources of inspiration and specific tips. We hope you enjoy these nuggets and are inspired by them, and we look forward to your feedback!

Profil M Video-Input

Virtual training with Profil M
Konfliktmanagement - Verständnis, Verhalten und Strategien
Profil M Deep Dive Book Reviews, Critical Research and Survey Analysis Part II

Culture and Team *** Daniel Coyle's "Culture Code"
Design Thinking Make it happen
Welcome to the Profil M YouTube Channel

Truth or Duty: About Honesty and Authenticity in Applicant Interviews
360° Feedback – Make it happen (Profil M)
Profil M Deep Dive: Book Reviews, Critical Research and Survey Analysis

A brief History of Assessment Centers
Motivation Theories – a comprehensive overview part I
Gesunde Führung - Warum und wie für Sie daraus ein Thema wird?

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