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Stormy times or sunny prospects? Talent management is affected by changes and trends – just like the general economic situation. Profil M regularly cooperates with Prof. Dr. Klaus P. Stulle of Fresenius University to analyse the “Talent Climate Index”. This allows us to provide you with regular information about developments in internal and external labour markets, as well as the key trends in talent management in organisations that operate on an international scale. What are the current and future tendencies regarding the options for acquiring talent internally or externally? How well prepared are organisations to utilise these developments effectively? How do managers and HR experts assess the extent of the stakeholders’ commitment? The Talent Management Index uses five key questions as the basis for a pertinent analysis of the current situation and trend forecasts in talent management. The survey focuses on a representative selection of companies and is carried out at regular intervals.


Results for the second half of 2018

Is the external talent market thawing?

While the internal talent climate has deteriorated further, as was already reflected in previous surveys, the external talent climate shows a clear positive trend for the first time.

Talent management commitment also increasing again:

Talent management commitment has generally significantly increased again, not only with a view to the HR areas but in particular also with regard to the managers’ commitment.

Effective modern internal talent management measures are under-utilized:

Established measures (such as the assessment of potential by line managers) are not that effective. Effective modern tools (such as the talent analysis self-directed by employees), however, are hardly utilized.

The most important results on the current talent climate can be download here.

This is how the Talent Climate Index works


The survey takes just four minutes to complete. Make use of this opportunity to submit your assessment of the situation and developments in talent management in your company.


What is the current talent situation in your sector? How does the commitment of top management influence the ability of your company to develop talent? Are you interested in the detailed results of the Talent Climate Study? If yes, we can send it to you by e-mail twice a year. To sign up for this, please either enter your contact details at the end of the survey or write us an e-mail.


Where are you headed, labor market? (Published in: Personalwirtschaft 06_2017)

Good times, bad times: In which direction is the labor market developing? The “Talent Climate Index” is to provide information on the talent situation and talent expectation. Initial results above all point to a strong commitment with regard to active talent management.

The full article can be download here.

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